Hello! (Updated 4/2 12:17 AM EST)

Unfortunately for all of you fellow fans, this is indeed an April Fool's joke. I never expected the idea to grow as widespread as it has. It was originally intended as a joke aimed at the TankSpot community, (You can reference my original post here, compare timestamps if you don't believe me) however people have reposted it elsewhere (including top trending of reddit!). I want to thank everyone for their comments; it took me about a week to put together using modified HTML and Photoshop.

I do want to give some shout outs to sources that helped me out with this though, as they deserve credit:

Several of the ideas here were my own (including Shadows of Sargeras), but they were based on ideas I had read about, so I wanted to give them credit. If you liked this, feel free to send me (Deathshiver) a PM on TankSpot, MMO-Champion, or Twitter

One final note: The gnomes were intended to be joke. Ha ha.

April Fools!
Love, Deathshiver